Screen 1 and Screen 2?
You may notice showtimes have designated screens wherever showtimes are posted. Screen 1 refers to our Main Auditorium which holds 368 seats. Screen 2 is our Screening Room which sits 40. We try to alternate screens to give patrons a chance at distancing if they’d like!

Does this change the way the cinema runs?
Nope! It’s still the same great team of staff and Board running the cinema. We will continue to innovate our programming and add more educational content, but our mission remains unchanged.

Will I get a new member card?
Yes! We have held off producing new cards over this past year because we knew this change was coming, but stay tuned because we will have new member cards coming for everyone soon!

I love the new logo! Do you have merch?
Yes we do! We have tote bags, t-shirts, water bottles and magnets. Stop by and check them out! And we’ll have more items in time for the holidays.